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A heavy snow

 投稿者:Junhoメール  投稿日:2011年 2月14日(月)23時58分31秒
  Hi brother

It is my fault not to keep in touch with you for such a long time.

It is my willing to see you soon and have a very good time.

Last year I was in Manila, the Philippines for business trip for a week.

This year, I may go to Manila again...

I would love to visit Japan, especially your hometown and Okinawa island.

And a good trip in Honshu area with you. It is one of my dream to visit more than one thousand ramen restaurants in Japan. Can it be possible?

Here in Busan, heavy snow came in today. A six-inch fall of snow that was massive.

I still can't forget our good dinners in London. Your fish and tough chicken, smoked salmon and Deutch wines. I really wanna get back to that place again.

Please take care and let me see your products through the website

Gambare aniki!


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